Kid Simius & Michal Zietara - Peak Time EP

Catalogue ID: LSR03

Loser Records · LSR002 - DJ Traytex - Back then EP

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The third vinyl release of Loser Records comes in form of a happy-hands-up collaboration between label co-founder Michal Zietara and all beloved multi talent Kid Simius. An EP full of positive energy and summer vibes, consisting out of three tracks by the duo and a mind blowing remix of Smallville‘s Julius Steinhoff.

Once Michal Zietara and Kid Simius met for the first time, they immediately found themselves on the same wavelength and there was no going back. Straight away, within their first studio session together, the first track came to life in a playful manner that can be felt throughout the whole EP. One  can sense the longing of two of Berlin’s favorite sunny boys for spending time together with friends on the dance floor, when listening to „peak time“ and „get together“. As the EP was created in complicated times, an emotional and exceptional remix for „peak time“ of Smallville’s Julius Steinhoff rounds up the release.

All in all the EP provides the perfect soundtrack for celebrating life together on dance floors across Europe this summer.

Written, produced and recorded by Kid Simius & Michal Zietara.
Remix and additional recordings by Julius Steinhoff.
Mixed by Christian Prommer.
Mastered by Pole at Scape Mastering.
Pressed by Intakt!.
Artwork by Patrick Mariscal.